«Было бы утопией думать»
«Было бы ошибочно думать»
— В.И.Ленин, ПСС, т.41
It seems, you cannot read russian...
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The licenses are shown as seen on moment of record addition according to my understanding.
There are total 1069 entries in the list.
Last updated 2013-03-15 16:21:29.
No platform ⇓ name ⇓ license portable
1 *many* ADempiere Compiere (hover for descr) GPL (current) portable N
2 *many* LoopFuse (hover for descr) GPL (current)* portable N
3 Java Millennium BSA Java lang-ru (hover for descr) GPL (current)* portable N
4 *many* Openbravo Community Edition (hover for descr) MPL portable N
5 PHP SugarCRM PHP lang-ru (hover for descr) Open Source (office use Ok) portable N
6 Python TinyERP Python lang-ru (hover for descr) GPL (current) portable N

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